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Porosity Sealing Solutions by Impregnation Services

Porous aluminium, porous diecasting, leaking or porous casting, casting recovery? .... call the experts


Unique in the United Kingdom, we are the only casting recovery service provider that specialises exclusively in impregnation.  Porosity sealing is what we do it's all we do! 


We have an excellent facility for turning ordinary castings into high-pressure, sub-surface sealed, fit for purpose pieces for use in any number of Applications.  We provide vacuum impregnation of castings to a vast array of industries. 


Impregnation Services enhance quality and reduce scrap in ferrous and non ferrous cast metal parts.


If you have 1 or 1,000 pieces, new or used, large or small, for recovery or sub surface quality enhancement, we can help.  Our process times are quick and impregnation as a solution is cost-effective and affordable.  Call us on 0161 344 1004 (it's good to talk!) or Contact us via email, fax or post.  We'll be with you in a jiffy - your parts could be sealed and back on your shelf within hours


'We had an unexpected problem with a batch of castings that had been sourced from China, we contacted ISL and within 48 hours the batch had been collected, impregnated and delivered back to us which meant our production schedules were not affected.
Highly recommended!'

Managing Director of UK Manufacturer
0161 344 1004