When casting a part out of metal, defects known as porosity can be obtained due to a variety of reasons. “Mainly, the porosity in castings seems to be entrained air bubbles, although sometimes it is a more uniform dispersion of biofilms partly or fully inflated with a gas from solution in the melt. At other times what appears to be shrinkage porosity is most often not shrinkage at all, but is a mass of oxides generated by the entrainment of the oxide surface in the turbulence of pouring.”1 Further, porosity can also be caused by insecurities within the mould itself.

Impregnation Services Limited offers a solution to this through vacuum impregnation, which can recover your failed castings and seal them for life. We provide vacuum and vacuum pressure impregnation services using industry leading thermos curing polyfunctional methacrylate resins.  Porosity sealing through vacuum impregnation is also a cost effective solution as it is cheaper to repair a leaking casting than it is to discard the failed part, melt it down and recast the metal. Furthermore, vacuum impregnation extends the lifetime of your casting, salvaging a part that would otherwise be unusable.

It is far more cost effective to impregnate porous castings than to scrap them.   Impregnation allows the manufacturer to save time, money, energy and ensure quality. By making vacuum impregnation part of the value stream, component quality is improved and rejection rates are reduced. So, by reducing the number of potentially defective parts caused by porosity, Impregnation helps to reduce waste.

Impregnation Services Limited is the porosity sealing expert, specialising in the impregnation of castings and other ferrous and non-ferrous materials. With over 50 years’ experience within the specialist field of impregnation, we offer both in-house and on-site porosity sealing services to a range of clients based across the UK and abroad.

Based in a purpose built facility in Greater Manchester, we can turn ordinary castings into high-pressure, sub-surface sealed, fit for purpose parts, for use in any number of applications. Our skilled team has experience working with castings from a range of industries including the automotive, marine, aerospace, oil and gas, and energy sectors.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best in vacuum impregnation services. If you need some advice on a new project, or want to learn more about how our porosity sealing services can save your business money, speak to a member of our team by calling 0161 344 1004 or emailing enquiries@impregnation.co.uk

  1. Campbell, John, ‘Porosity’ in, The Complete Casting Handbook: Metal Casting Processes, Techniques and Design, (Elsevier Science: 2011), p391