Industry Leading Porosity Sealing Capabilities

Some of our vacuum impregnation capabilities are listed below, but we are always open to discussions if you require bespoke services.  With over 50 years experience in the porosity sealing industry, Impregnation Services Limited are able to provide expert guidance and will work with you in order to find a solution to your porosity, cleaning or testing issues.

  • 5000sqft Manchester workshop with excellent transport links and reserved loading/offloading bay for 40ft trailers
  • Twin vacuum impregnation process lines guarantee both capacity and 100% uptime
  • Extensive workshop facilities with inward and outbound storage capacity for up to 100 pallets
  • 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm diameter vacuum / pressure process lines with combined capacity of <8000kg or 7m3 (packed) castings per hour
  • Single castings of up to 2000kg can be handled in-house, heavier or immoveable parts can be impregnated at customers own premises by arrangement
  • Superior response time – the best turnaround times in the industry, express 24 hour and same day services available upon request.  Normal turnaround times amount to no more than 48 hours even in cases where double impregnation is required
  • Separate pressure test bay allowing specific testing requirements to be assembled and carried out
  • Aqueous MecWash component cleaning machine available with additional ultrasonics possible, if required
  • VapourBlast machine available for restoration of cast metal parts.

Impregnation Services’ enthusiastic team can offer a wealth of experience and are always on hand to advise and

For more information about our capabilities or for a quotation, please contact our team today.

Impregnation Capabilities

ISL’s Impregnation Process Line