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Please view a selection of equipment we have recently designed & developed below:

Vertical Transfer Autoclave for Impregnation

A unique, innovative system designed for the vacuum impregnation and sealing of ceramic components. The autoclave is a self-contained single chamber vertical transfer system that provides excellent efficiency by drawing a vacuum within the chamber and lowering components into the solution, resulting in faster processing, with minimal waste.

Features & Benefits

  • A Scalable Process
  • Increased productivity
  • Any resin or media can be used
  • Significantly reduced turnaround times
  • No chance of leakage or spillages as the process is contained in a single unit
  • Designed to split in half for ease of cleaning & maintenance
  • Sophisticated Programmable Logic Controlled (PLC) system
  • Manufactured in a square shape to ensure all of the space is usable, improving efficiency.
  • Bund tray underneath to minimise leakage on to the factory floor
  • Automatic viscosity and level control

ISL Flush Rig  

Cleans the parts other washers cannot reach!

Our customer was struggling to meet the cleanliness standards required for the intricate Euro 6 Automotive filter head castings for his new contract. Conventional dunk, spray, flood or rotate washing was great for the outside of the parts but, the internal galleries were hiding swarf and debris that rendered the finished parts useless. The ISL ‘Flush Rig’ was born…   

  • Designed manufactured and commissioned in 8 weeks
  • Able to flush wash 14 ports and their internal galleries in two directions and in every combination of flow within 60 seconds!
  • Uses conventional aqueous wash chemistry with inline fine filtration
  • Free standing unit with all ‘Stainless Steel’ wetted parts.
  • High temperature wash with high pressure/temperature air dry.
  • Manual loading with interlocked doors and Automated product clamping.
  • Small footprint for work cell or cleanroom operation.
  • Exceeded stringent cleanliness standards at first attempt.


Equipment Design and Development

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