Process Industry - Valves, Pumps & Bearings

Pump, bearing and valve impregnation is often used to seal porosity making your items fit for purpose.

Applications include:

  • Sub-surface sealing in food and pharmaceutical process parts where micro porosity could harbour contaminants.  Methacrylate sealants are insert in the ‘cured phase’ providing the ideal solution as 100% cleanliness is the operating standard
  • Process valves and pumps – high pressure and aggressive mediums often mean pump manufacturers turn to porosity sealing 100% of the time
  • Engine cooling pumps
  • Fire hydrant systems

Case Study

Major UK pump manufacturer had moved production of castings to China in a bid to reduce his cost base. Six weeks later the imported castings were found to be almost 100% defective.  Within 48 hours the parts had been shipped to Impregnation Services for recovery and full production was resumed.

valve impregnation