Restoration Impregnation Services

Have you ever wondered what happened to the drip tray on the garage floor?  Way back in the 70’s, manufacturers discovered impregnation sealant.  It enabled them to seal 100% of their drive-train and fuel carrying components.  This technology is now available for low volume batches in our works.

Is your vehicle or machine suffering with a drip that no amount of new gaskets or gasket paste can fix?  That could be because the parts you are trying to seal are porous.

Restorers of vintage and classic vehicles and machinery often find our services invaluable.  Whether you have a porous sump pan or a complete suite with potential porous parts from your project, we can help you.  Our service is swift and very cost effective.  Simply clean the parts and  send them to us suitably packed (or call in to our Manchester job shop).  We will seal them for life and return them within a couple of days.  It’s as simple as that!

Please note that our solutions won’t fix mechanical defects.  Cracks and any other mechanical defect will often need to be welded before the parts are sent to us for final sealing.

Aggressive machining (porting, skimming, modifying) of engines and drive-train components in search of that extra 1 or 2 mph can often uncover previously innocuous blind porosity.  If you know, or suspect that you have uncovered porosity then our service is for you.  Quality and reliability go hand in hand so do not risk rework and wasted entry fees, let us put the quality back into your parts (after all, automotive manufacturers have been impregnating for 3 decades).

Magnesium or Alloy Wheels?

Surface coatings will often successfully block porosity in both competition and road wheels, they won’t however cure the problem for good.  Porosity combined with high operating pressures can eventually cause surface coatings to lift and blister.  Our process penetrates the body of the casting rendering them sealed for life.  F1 teams rely on impregnation because it allows them to use magnesium and thin wall aluminium castings extensively.  Stripped and blasted wheels should be impregnated before any new surface coatings are applied.  Vacuum impregnation is quick and could save you re-finishing again, or replacing in the future.

Case Study
Steve Wilkinson, Bridge Motor Company, 122 Burton Road, Manchester, M20 1LP
1968 Brabham BT21 F3 1000cc Historic Racing car.

Steven Wilkinson has been a customer of Impregnation Services for many years, relying on our expertise in sealing all manor of automotive components for his Historic Brabham BT21 F3 1000cc racer. “We impregnate as a matter of course, but find it especially useful in sealing the heavily modified cylinder heads that these cars run… We convert side draft heads to downdraught, and whilst we can mechanically fix the modified ports in place, we can rarely achieve a final 100% seal without Impregnating.  Impregnation consistently gives us the competitive edge, its inexpensive too. Highly recommended

Resin Impregnation


Some examples of recent vehicle restorations that have benefited from having their cylinder heads sealed by Impregnation Services.


Restoration Impregnation