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Impregnation Services offer in house pressure testing of components and castings up to 2 tonnes. Usually this is something we do in support of our porosity sealing processes but we are always happy to look at pressure testing in its own right.

 Test services we offer

  • Bubble – Air under water. Great for low pressures (<3 bar) ‘air under water’ gives a near instant result and lets us identify the source of any leaks.
  • Hydro – for pressures >6 or 8 bar. Hydraulically testing with water offers a safe and reliable solution.
  • Resin -similar to Hydro testing except we use our low viscosity impregnation resins as the test medium. If a leak path is found then resin will have penetrated it so we can simply cure the resin and retest without delay.
  • Air pressure or vacuum leak testing. Similar to an underwater bubble test except this time we are relying on test gauges or transducers to define leak rates.

Test blanks and tooling development

  • If you already have suitable fixtures then we can usually work with them.
  • We can quickly develop test tooling from drawings or from a sample part.
  • We’ve made test blanks from aluminium, stainless steel, carbon steel, plastics and even plywood.
  • We have a growing selection of Table and ASME standard pipe test blanks on the shelf.

Test records

  • We always use calibrated traceable test gauges and manually record results.
  • Babcock or similar pen type chart calibrated mechanical recorders can be arranged at short notice if required.
  • Witness testing by arrangement if required.
  • DOT peen marking up to 160mm x 120mm allows us to clearly record test results and information on most parts / materials.